With the holiday season comes joyous parties and delectable treats. Whether it’s a delicious appetizer or a decadent dessert, food is part of what makes a holiday function great.   

Below are some healthier options for tasty homemade appetizers to serve at your next holiday get together or family meal.  

Goat cheese and spinach stuffed mushrooms 

The stuffed mushroom is a classic party appetizer. This simple version uses herbed goat cheese and spinach to create a delicious filling. 

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Baked chicken spring rolls 

This healthy alternative to its popular fried counterpart is the perfect party go-to: packed with flavour and paired with an Asian-inspired dipping sauce.  

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Zucchini pizza 

Snacking on this mini vegetable pizza means you don’t have to throw your clean eating out the window to enjoy amazing flavours. Serve these bite-size appetizers at your next party and wow the crowd. 

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Tuna poke 

Your party guests will think you’re super sophisticated when you break out this fresh appetizer of the ocean, served in a crispy wonton cup. Packed with protein and omegas, it’s the perfect snack.  

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Cranberry brie bites 

This recipe screams ‘festive.’ We promise– the combination of brie cheese with cranberry sauce is always a crowd pleaser.  

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Spinach and artichoke dip 

Spinach dip is a classic fan favourite. Create this healthier version and watch it disappear in no time. it’s just too good to say no to! 

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5-layer taco dip 

This scratch made 5-layer taco dip, is a winner every time. With refried beans, a tangy layer of Greek yogurt, homemade guacamole, pico de gallo and some savory toppings, your guests will no doubt gobble it up. 

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Vegan kale winter salad  

Don’t pass up an opportunity to wow the crowd with this delicious superfood salad. Vegan and packed with veggies, nuts and seeds and topped with a sweet and savory dressing, it is the perfect pot luck dish.  

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Smoked cheddar and cranberry chicken casserole  

This healthier twist on a one-pan classic is a great option to serve as a side for your next holiday meal. Swap out the chicken for vegetable-based chicken chunks or tofu to make this vegetarian.  

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Green bean casserole  

This delicious vintage dish is high in fibre, good quality fats and is loaded with vegetables. It’s the perfect holiday side dish.  

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