Lunch is an important meal to keep us going through the day. Unfortunately, when we're trying to make nutritious choices, we often get stuck in the salad spin cycle. After all, salads are easy to prepare and meet most of our dietary needs or restrictions. But if you’re getting bored with your greens you may just need a little healthy meal-prep inspiration.

Try these 10 delicious and nutritious recipes for your next lunch and stay satisfied and satiated all day long.

  1. Crispy tofu bowl
  2. Vegan mushroom soup
  3. Steak protein bowl
  4. Carrot ginger soup
  5. Slow cooker American goulash
  6. Vegan grilled veggie wrap
  7. Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup
  8. High protein smoothie bowl
  9. Red curry chicken soup
  10. Vegan buffalo 'chicken' sandwich