Slightly warm the wrap in the microwave for 30 seconds to make it less likely to break when rolling.

Equipment Needed

Measuring cups and spoons, grill pan, knife and a cutting board


Cut all the vegetables into bite-size pieces.

Heat the grill pan over high heat and drizzle with olive oil. 

Place the cut veggies in the pan (excluding the arugula and tomato), season with salt and pepper and cook until the veggies are tender.

Remove the veggies from the pan and set aside to cool slightly.

Lay the wrap out and add the hummus to the centre.

Add the arugula, tomato and the grilled veggies.

Fold in the sides of the wrap and roll the wrap into a tube. 

Place the finished wrap back onto the grill pan to toast (approximately one minute per side).

Remove the wrap from the grill pan, slice in half and serve.