Start the new year off right with a well-balanced cardio and strength training workout plan to kick start your fitness routine.

If you’re looking to tone up and increase your overall level of fitness, this 3-week plan will have you seeing results you seek. 

By the way, this workout plan can be completed at the gym or the comfort of your own home as minimal equipment is required. 

Week one

Day 1: Full-body muscle building workout
Day 2: Quick 15-minute workout
Day 3: No equipment core workout
Day 4: Arms, chest and back workout for beginners
Day 5: Lower-body workout
Day 6: Tough endurance building workout
Day 7: Gentle active recovery workout

Week two

Day 8: Simple full-body workout
Day 9: 30-minute HIIT workout
Day 10: 6-12-25 chest and bicep fat loss program
Day 11: No equipment core workout
Day 12: Hip toning and strengthening workout
Day 13: Low impact HIIT
Day 14: Foam rolling active recovery

Week three 

Day 15: Fat-burning cardio workout
Day 16: Back strengthening workout
Day 17: No equipment arm workout
Day 18: Core crushing mat workout
Day 19: No equipment pyramid workout
Day 20: No jump cardio workout
Day 21: 6 yoga poses to improve flexibility