A new season means a new opportunity to restart your fitness routine. With the warmer weather comes more outdoor activities and recreational sports. So, if you’re looking to get in shape for the summer months, you’ve come to the right place.

Getting strong and sculpted this summer doesn’t have to be difficult. Try this 14-day workout plan to help you build muscle and increase your overall level of fitness just in time for outdoor activities.

DAY 1: Fierce lower-body workout

DAY 2: High-intensity cardio workout

DAY 3: Chest and back muscle toning workout

DAY 4: Thigh and glute sculpting workout

DAY 5: Intense strength training circuit

DAY 6: 20-minute gentle jog or brisk walk paired with 6 yoga poses to improve flexibility

DAY 7: 5-step lower belly blast

DAY 8: Lower-body blast

DAY 9: Full-body weight loss workout

DAY 10: Advanced arm workout

DAY 11: Glute growing workout

DAY 12: Extreme cardio circuit

DAY 13: 20-minute gentle jog or brisk walk paired with 15-minute stretching routine

DAY 14: 20-minute core, lower back and hip shred