What is it?
The FIT-FIX is a 20-minute circuit program that offers a quick, safe and effective full-body Personal Training workout solution for all fitness levels. Made up of a line of strength training equipment that will deliver a full-body workout, working from the largest muscles to the smallest and can be done in 20 minutes or more depending on how you’d like to use it. Designed to suit any level of fitness or experience,
it’s easy to customize to suit your goals by adjusting the weight or the speed at which you complete the circuit. Each machine has an instruction card attached to it, or you can use the GoodLife App for videos on proper use and form to avoid injury.

How do you use it?
For best results, you should aim to do the FIT-FIX three or four times a week, or twice a week to maintain results. The circuit is designed to work your muscles from the largest to the smallest, so follow the circuit to ensure you’re getting a full-body workout. Complete each machine at least once, or twice for a longer workout.

If you’re looking for a more customized workout, the GoodLife App allows you to create a training plan and takes you through your reps and sets with guided circuit videos. For a workout tailored to your goals and exercise level, you can book a complimentary 60-minute FIT-FIX session with a Personal Trainer.

Set the weights so that you can safely complete at least eight repetitions (and no more than 12) of each exercise. Once you’re able to complete 12 reps successfully you can increase the amount of weight, adding between 2.5 to 5 lbs. Ensure you’re completing each exercise at a slow and controlled pace and taking about 15 to 30 seconds between exercises for the best cardiovascular benefits.

What are the benefits?
Being able to complete a full-body workout in under 30 minutes is a great way for those strapped for time to fit exercise into their schedule. Not only are you able to target each area of your body, but you’re also getting in a cardio workout without having to step on a treadmill.

No matter your fitness level or your goals, this circuit is adaptable to fit your needs meaning it can grow with you as you progress through your fitness journey.
The FIT-FIX circuit is a great option for weight loss and muscle gain.

What other exercise should I do?
Whenever you’re doing a strength training program it’s always a good idea to pair it with some sort of cardiovascular exercise. GoodLife offers a number of Group Fitness classes that will get you moving and your heart pumping. Other activities could be rowing, running, swimming (indoors or out), and sports like tennis or dance.

Anytime you’re working out or engaging in a fitness program you should also be stretching or doing active recovery to keep your muscles from getting too sore or stiff.

Ask a Personal Trainer how to get started with a complimentary FIT-FIX workout today.