Creating the perfect picnic doesn't have to be complicated! Here is a simple breakdown of what you should consider packing – food wise and otherwise. We've also included some great summer recipes perfect for your fun day in the sun. 

Elements for a perfect picnic:

  • Use a large cooler that has a telescopic handle and wheels so you don't have to carry it 
  • Add an ample amount of ice or ice packs to your cooler to keep the delicious food from spoiling 
  • Don't forget a picnic blanket
  • Make sure you set up on level ground to avoid tipping or spilling 
  • Try to pack the food in similar sized containers so you can stack them in the cooler

What's in the cooler: 

  • Mediterranean pasta salad – click here for the recipe or here to watch the instructional video! 


  • Lean turkey and ham for sandwiches – or feel free to pack whatever sandwich meat you prefer! 
  • A combination of wholegrain rolls and lettuce leaves as a bread alternative
  • Charcuterie and cured meats like salami and prosciutto
  • A variety of cheeses, we used one hard (smoked Gouda) and one soft cheese (herbed goat cheese) but the possibilities are endless! 
  • Fresh chopped vegetables and homemade hummus – click here for the recipe
  • Fresh/seasonal fruit (try to avoid fruits that turn brown like bananas and apples)

A large mason jar full of our homemade low sugar lemonade. Spiked or virgin, it's up to you! Click here for the recipe