We asked our GoodLife Experts what health and fitness items they would be giving (and wishing for) this holiday season. Check out their picks for some gift-giving (or wish list writing) inspiration.

Linda Lewis-Daly

For me: Goodfood subscription
This is a meal plan delivery service that offers quality portion-controlled ingredients. This service may help ease the stress of weekday meal prep while introducing us to new flavours and recipes. I'm hearing great things about it from friends who use it.

For my daughter: Massage gift certificates
Our daughter is a boot camp/rehab coach so her body takes a beating. She doesn’t have medical benefits, so the massage certificates will help her keep her body in good working order and will offer her some relaxing, "me time".

For my son: Fitbit
While he is able to walk to and from work now that he is living in downtown Toronto, the Fitbit will encourage him to be more active outside of work hours. Plus, it may even encourage him to step away from his gaming and Netflix more often!

Linda Lewis-Daly is a workplace wellness program consultant with GoodLife Fitness and owner of Lewis-Daly & Associates, Workplace Wellness Solutions

Tracy Glennon

For others: Mason Jars
Sounds so simple but I LOVE these for food prep! For Christmas, I fill them with Christmas baking and also include great healthy recipes for everyday food prep.

For me: Reusable wax paper wraps
Simple, reusable, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. Plus, they’re great for travelling.

Tracy Glennon is Senior Divisional Manager for the Women’s Boutique Clubs for GoodLife Fitness. She has been practicing/teaching yoga for over 20 years and is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and a Master Trainer for YogaFit Canada, training aspiring yoga teachers across Canada. 

Mike Haddow

On my list this year are:

An InstaPot
This appliance cooks slow cooking items in a quarter of the time. This would be a big help for meal prep during the hectic work week.

A new set of "rock" cookware
This newer type of cookware has a highly durable nonstick coating that is much safer than Teflon. And in my house, anything that reduces the amount of time spent doing dishes is a gift.

Re-usable food seal paper
These wraps replace disposable plastic wrap and tinfoil. It’s a washable wax paper that folds and contours to seal your leftovers but is reusable and very durable. It is also free of chemicals that are found in disposable plastic.

Mike Haddow is the creator and one of the main nutritional content providers for The GoodLife Kitchen and is the personal trainer/personal chef to David Patchell-Evans and Silken Laumann.

Kirstin Schell

On my wish list this year are: Apple watch
I love the idea of having all my tracking on my wrist. GPS for my runs, the swimming feature, step count, sleep function and all my music playlists. Plus, it looks great!

Wireless ear buds with noise cancellation
These are great for training and I can sync them with the Apple watch! They’d also be great for travelling.

Meal delivery service
I prioritize nutrition and try to carve out time for meal prep, but I would LOVE to have healthy, fresh meals delivered to my door weekly. It makes healthy eating so much easier. 

Kirstin Schell RHN B.Comm. is a Personal Training Project Manager for GoodLife Fitness. In addition to numerous Personal Training and Nutrition certifications, she is a Holistic Nutritionist and Naturotherapist in Quebec. 

Kelly Musovic

For me: An Assault Airbike
It burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. It’s pretty much an express workout when you are short on time which I love! Additionally, because of the intensity, it is great for de-stressing.

For my 8-year-old son: A FitBit Ace
He is sporty and competitive in nature and loves knowing how far he has gone to push himself farther next time. He also loves the idea of beating my steps each day (I wish him luck on that) and having fun family challenges.

For my husband: Myofascial Release Tool
Not the most romantic of gifts, but definitely needed. He is a musician and therefore needs a lot of self-care for the muscles he uses repetitively. Myofascial Release Tools make it easier and quicker to do preventative care and recovery (Just remember that it’s best to get expert guidance before using these tools).

Kelly Musovic is Director of Personal Training, and a Certified Personal Trainer with GoodLife Fitness with over 12 years in the industry as a professional, and more than 18 years in high-level athletics. 

Mo Hagan

For myself: New outdoor running gear
I love to run in the winter (snow and all) and it’s all about the gear to keep me warm and then to keep the sweat wicked away. Head to toe gear is important for me.

A new MYZONE belt
I rely on my MYZONE for all my workouts and I’ve worn the band out. I hope some Elf will hear me and simply order it for me!

For my husband Ken: New yoga gear as he is hooked on hot yoga at GoodLife, but rarely spends money on himself for ‘incidentals’. 

And then with new yoga gear, I would love to buy the two of us a Yoga retreat vacation away to somewhere warm in February (the gift that keeps on giving).

Mo Hagan BScPT, BA PE is Vice President of Program Innovation & Fitness Development for GoodLife Fitness. 

Chris Stapylton

This year my wish list includes

Cannonball Grips
They are made by Rogue Fitness and are a great tool to emphasize grip strength. Grip strength is an often-forgotten part of training that’s necessary for upper body strength and balance. 

Gymnastics rings
They’re a great way to focus on functional training. It creates instability in a lot of movements we only train with machines. 

Chris Stapylton is a Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer with GoodLife Fitness. He has an Honours Degree in Kinesiology, is trained in Fascial Mobility, Precision Nutrition and has taken multiple courses to further his knowledge and fuel his passion.