Our new brand campaignCanadian Strong – celebrates the unique strength and toughness we develop as a result of living in the great white north; the idea that the true north fuels true grit.

Canada is a truly special country– from the freedom and opportunity to its unmatched natural beauty. Whether you were born here or arrived later in life, you became a part of the unique fabric that is the true north strong and free the second you set foot on Canadian soil. 

Every piece of this unique fabric has a unique story; a struggle that leads to a triumph, a challenge that taught a lesson. When you take the time to listen, it’s evident that every person has a fascinating story to tell.

Well, we’re listening! Throughout the duration of our Canadian Strong campaign, we’ll be seeking out and sharing CHAMPION stories from our Members and Associates who have overcome unique obstacles through fitness, just like the ones you see in the commercial.

What is a CHAMPION?

A champion strives to find out how great they can be.
They live their life with passion and purpose. They live in the present moment.           
A champion sets ambitious goals, and accepts the struggle that comes with achieving them.
They learn lessons from losses. They focus on continuous daily improvement.
They are health-obsessed and fitness fuelled; a champion of their own health and fitness.
They are Canadian Strong.

Have you or a fellow Member you know, overcome a unique obstacle through fitness? We want you to share your story with us. It could be included in our ongoing PR campaign, published in GoodTimes Magazine or featured on our blog.

Email champion@goodlifefitness.com with your submission.

Plus, you have the opportunity to earn a limited edition CHAMPION hoodie, a special gift reserved for those individuals who exemplify the champion mindset. The CHAMPION hoodie was created in partnership with Life of Leisure, a Canadian eco-clothing brand.