GoodLife roared into the 20s with our bold new brand campaign #CanadianStrong. Our goal with this campaign was to break down the common barriers of intimidation at the gym and focus on being an inclusive and welcoming place.

Pushing aside perfection-obsessed imagery often used in fitness marketing, this year we put diversity at the forefront. It not only more accurately reflects what we see in our clubs every day, but the unique fabric of our country. The spot showcases different races and genders, ranges of body types as well as often concealed intimate body image moments and proves we can all become stronger, regardless of our differences.

Every detail was thoughtfully considered, especially the soundtrack. ‘Champion’ was written and recorded by Canadian hip hop artist Haviah Mighty. The lyrics and attitude of the song speak to the champion mindset embodied by GoodLife’s Members and Associates. The highly-acclaimed Toronto rapper made history in 2019, becoming the first black artist, and first hip hop artist, to win the esteemed Polaris Prize, for her album 13th Floor. Mighty, herself, is a Champion.

#CanadianStrong was also designed to elicit a strong sense of Canadian pride. We are the only truly Canadian choice in the fitness industry! We’re proud of the unique strength and toughness we develop as a result of living in the great white north. True north fuels true grit. That’s why the commercial kicks off with the polar dip at Scarborough Bluffs, followed by our iconic gym bag being carried into a club by a woman. There’s a reason behind all of this.

Throughout the duration of the campaign, we’ll be seeking out and sharing ‘Champion’ stories from our Members and Associates who have overcome unique obstacles through fitness, just like the ones you see in the commercial. Do you have a story you’d like to share? Whether it’s about yourself or someone you admire, email with your submission. Your story could be included in our ongoing PR campaign, published in GoodTimes Magazine or on our blog. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn a highly-coveted limited edition Champion hoodie, a special gift reserved for those individuals who exemplify the Champion mindset.

Canadian Strong launched nationally on December 30. Have you seen the commercial on TV or heard it on the radio yet? It makes me smile every time I do. Check out the 60-second commercial here above. I encourage you to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Then, get involved! Use the hashtag #CanadianStrong when posting on social media. Check out our GIF stickers on Instagram. Add the song “Champion” by Haviah Mighty to your gym playlist. It’s guaranteed to get you in the zone so you can make the most out of your workout.

You know, when I started GoodLife 40 years ago, my goal was always crystal clear in my mind. I wanted to create a caring, welcoming and non-judgemental environment for people. I wanted to help people – whatever their age or fitness level – live a fit and healthy life. This campaign brings us back to that core motivation, back to the heart of what GoodLife is all about. We are health obsessed. We are fitness fuelled.