Getting back into the Club can be an exciting time. After a long winter, many of us are looking to get active and stay healthy this spring. Exercise is a great way to build a routine and care for both your body and mind.

Our team of Associates have worked hard to prepare the Clubs and maintain safety procedures that are designed to help keep everyone healthy and happy. So, whether you’re looking for a fresh start to your fitness routine or just maintaining your progress, you can still enjoy all that GoodLife has to offer without sacrificing cleanliness or safety.

Here are some basic tips that you can put into practice to help keep our Clubs clean and safe for everyone:

Follow regional masking guidelines.

We recommend wearing a mask as much as possible while in the gym; however, our masking levels are based on regional public health guidelines and will inform you of the minimum requirements.

Click here to view GoodLife’s masking requirements.

*Please refer to the GoodLife website for masking guidelines at your location, as they can differ between regions.

Wear your mask properly.

This means making sure your mask fits properly and does not require regular adjustments. Avoid taking your mask on or off and touching your face unless your hands are clean.

For more mask tips, click here.

Wipe all machines and equipment both before and after use.

Even when someone from your household is using the equipment before or after you.

Wash your hands frequently and sanitize often.

Remember to wash your hands using soap and water or use the sanitizer when you come in and before you leave – if it feels like you are washing or sanitizing a lot, you’re doing it right.

Stay at home if you feel symptomatic.

If you display any of the known symptoms of Covid-19, you should not come to the Club.

Bring your own pre-filled water bottle so you can avoid using the fountains.

Change at home and arrive at the Club ready to work out.

This will help you save time and minimize your touchpoints.

Keeping all of these tips in mind during your next visit to one of our Clubs will help ensure that everyone remains healthy and active.