Wearing your mask, and wearing it correctly, will serve its intended purpose of helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We've prepared some mask facts for you below, including mask tips, which illustrate how to properly and effectively wear your mask. 

Here are the types of masks you can wear in the Club

  • A non-medical disposable mask
  • A non-medical reusable mask 
  • A face covering such as a cloth (including a hijab and niqab) or a scarf as long as it covers the nose, mouth and chin
  • Face shields are NOT acceptable forms of face coverings in terms of complying with our region’s mask mandate

Mask tips

  • We recommend a 2+ layer reusable mask made of cotton or linen
  • Ensure it's well-fitted with ear loops or ties
  • It should fit comfortably against the face, allowing you to breathe easily
  • It shouldn't require regular adjustments
  • Your mask should be large enough to cover the mouth, nose and chin

Thank you for doing your part to wear your mask and follow the health and safety guidelines! We're working together to support you in reaching your health and fitness goals in a safe environment.