No matter what your goals are, getting started in the gym can be a tough first step. In order to be successful it’s important that you start out in a way that will limit injury and build momentum.

This article is a great place to start, full of tips and helpful advice for starting a new routine and what to expect when you start to work out for the first time, or again.

Below are 5 workouts that are great for anyone new to the gym, or returning after a hiatus. Remember to be mindful of your fitness level, go at your own pace and keep track of your progress.

Full-body kettlebell flow

Introducing a kettlebell into your workout is a great way to practice large movements like the deadlift and squat to press while also working on your mobility. This workout uses your whole body, so you can get a full workout done with one piece of equipment.

For the full-body kettlebell flow workout click here.

20-minute core, lower back and hip shred

This area of your body is your main source of stabilization in almost every move you make. Ensuring you have a strong core will help you not only in the gym, but also in your day-to-day life. You can easily do this workout on the Turf Zone or mat, and customize the level of difficulty with weights.

To view the full 20-minute core, lower back and hip shred click here.

Quick HIIT workout

This is a great workout to start off with, since HIIT (high intensity interval training) quickly and effectively burns calories in a short amount of time. Incorporating resistance bands is an easy way to ramp up the difficulty to match your fitness level. Go at your own pace and ensure you’re using proper form (speak to a Personal Trainer if you have any concerns). 

Try the quick HIIT workout here

Exercises that activate the whole body

As you start to feel stronger, these large movements will help challenge you while improving your strength and stability. These exercises are also a good benchmark to see how you’re progressing. Challenge yourself to complete this workout as written and keep track of your time, reps and weight used.

Check out the full workout here

15-minute stretching routine

Something that is often overlooked but is crucial to being successful with a new workout routine is stretching.

Ensuring you stretch after your workouts, or even incorporating active recovery into your routine will help ensure you remain injury free.

Try this 15-minute stretching routine here