BODYPUMP is a fun, high-intensity Group Fitness class that gives you the benefits of resistance training without lifting the heavy weights. By using high repetitions and lower weights, you can effectively fatigue the muscles to strengthen and tone. It’s a great way to build upper and lower body strength and develop your core muscles!

What you'll need
You will need the following equipment to complete your BODYPUMP workout:

Please check in with your BODYPUMP Instructor for appropriate weight selection.

Class design
BODYPUMP is designed with music in mind and includes ten songs packed with movements that focus on different muscle groups. Song one starts your workout and begins with a weight-based warm-up for the entire body. Each subsequent song focuses on a different target muscle group, with exercises that effectively fatigue your muscles for just the right amount of time. Your program ends with a cool-down stretch that aligns with the exercises completed during your class.

By lifting weights at different tempos and ranges of movement, you keep muscle fibres activated and your mind and body engaged. BODYPUMP is a 60-minute program that can be modified to 45 or 30-minute versions. Check your Club schedule to find out what’s available to you.

New to resistance training?
Don’t worry, there are options for participants of all fitness levels so you can tailor the class to suit your needs. Be sure to let your Instructor know that it is your first time so that they can offer you the support you need.

Order of muscle groups worked

Interested in attending a class? Check out the GoodLife Group Fitness schedules, or visit the GoodLife App to find a BODYPUMP class near you.