BODYCOMBAT is a fun, high-energy Group Fitness Class that combines movements based on elements from martial arts and boxing. It’s a great way to build upper and lower body strength, develop your core muscles and get some incredible cardio!

The class is separated into upper-body (boxing) and lower-body (kicking, squatting) tracks or songs, with an athletic conditioning portion. If you don’t like high impact or have never done this kind of activity before- don’t worry. BODYCOMBAT offers lots of options for participants of all fitness levels, so you can tailor the Class to suit your needs. There is also active recovery between intervals to ensure that the workloads are both achievable and effective.

 You will learn how to:

Still thinking about it? Here are some of the perks of attending BODYCOMBAT:

We recommend doing BODYCOMBAT 2-3 times per week as part of your regular fitness routine. Please consult a medical professional before beginning any exercise program.

Interested in attending a class? Check out the GoodLife Group Fitness schedules, or visit the GoodLife App to find a BODYCOMBAT class near you.