If you’re someone who enjoys getting a little creative with your workout, then Pound® is for you.

The newest addition to the GoodLife Fitness class schedule, Pound®, is unlike any exercise program you’ve ever experienced. This full-body jam session combines cardio, conditioning and core work with the entertainment and excitement of drumming—inspiring you to rock out while you work out.

The class uses lightly weighted drumsticks called “Ripstix®” to work your whole body, while blasting away calories, isolating core muscle groups and increasing coordination and balance. Pound® combines cardio and strength training with yoga and Pilates-inspired flows to help condition and strengthen the body.

On average, the typical participant burns up to 900 calories in a single one-hour class, activates infrequently used muscle groups and sculpts a leaner and stronger physique. Every two to four-minute track incorporates interval peaks and fat burning sequences designed to make the most of every second spent in the studio.

The upbeat tempo is especially helpful for those who struggle to get through an entire cardio routine. Instead of just listening to music and following along with the track, you become one with the beat and push past your limits to meet the rhythm.

The brain-boosting and stress relieving effects of Pound® make it the perfect way to move your body and still your mind. This rhythmic drumming infused cardio routine helps to improve focus, enhance decision-making skills and lower blood pressure, while decreasing chronic pain, anxiety and fatigue. Participants have also noticed improved coordination, speed, agility and endurance after attending Pound® regularly.

Designed for all fitness levels, Pound® can be modified to suit the needs of those with various physical limitations. The class philosophy is one of inclusion and positivity, fostered by an upbeat attitude and unwavering encouragement for all who choose to participate.

If you’re looking for a class that helps you let loose, tone up and jam out, then Pound® is perfect for you!