If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about going to a gym, you’re not alone. According to an Ipsos Reid poll, four out of 10 Canadians are intimated to go to the gym, and nearly two of those four (19 percent) found the experience to be very intimidating.   

We’re our own worst enemy. That inner voice that nags at us and brings us down, pointing out all of our insecurities.

We tend to compare ourselves to others  we see many gyms full of fit people who know what they’re doing  but we have to remember, these people all had to start somewhere too.

Keep these points in mind when you start to feel the intimidation creep up:

The gym is for every fitness level

Skipping your workout because you feel too insecure will only exacerbate the self-conscious feeling and can even start a vicious cycle. The best way to get over not feeling so great about yourself is to do something about it the gym is for everybody… pun intended!

Feeling insecure can be a complex emotion and we want to support you. The GoodLife Fitness blog has numerous tips, videos and workouts that are aimed to help you feel comfortable! Try reading this article to help you get a feel for what you can expect stepping for into one of our Clubs. 

And remember, the point of the gym is to improve your overall health and fitness. Remind yourself that whenever you feel out of place that you're exactly where you should be.

Make use of the Associates

You’ll never know how to use those machines that look so scary to you if you don’t ask. That’s what Club Associates are for!

We're here to help – upon signing up, ask any questions you have and make sure you get a tour of the gym. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to use the equipment and figure out where you should start.

Fitness classes (besides being tons of fun) can also provide you with ideas on movements and exercises and the instructors, of course, are there to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Everyone is focused on themselves

Realize most people are too concerned with checking out themselves in the mirror and aren’t looking at you.

In most cases, we're way harder on ourselves than we are on others are and that's important to keep in mind. 

Having confidence and feeling comfortable with yourself takes time and patience. There will always be ups and downs, good days and not so good days. If you're looking to improve your confidence, check out this helpful article

Don’t go in it alone 

Consider getting a workout buddy to help you relax and make your workout more enjoyable. It’s a great way to help build your confidence, swap fitness tips, hold you accountable and keep your focus where it matters.

You may also consider getting a Personal Trainer. The trainer will teach you about the equipment, proper form and give you a plan. This is a great investment; having a tool like a Personal Trainer can teach you everything you need to know  building your confidence as you go.

Check out our video shown above, ‘Show us your gym face’  and remember, everyone looks a little silly sometimes, embrace it!