If you’re looking for some fun and functional exercise to complement your weekly workout routine, look no further than SoulBody Barre. This dance inspired total-body workout engages each muscle group, producing rapid results.

A combination of smart and functional dance moves paired with the strengthening and toning powers of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), SoulBody Barre is a mindful workout that transforms the body and engages the soul.

Using cutting-edge choreography set to motivating music, SoulBody Barre combines ballet inspired postures with disciplines like yoga, Pilates and strength training.

Some classes start with a warmup of push-ups, triceps dips and planks before moving to the barre, while others don’t use the barre at all; opting for an unhitched flow of the same dance-inspired movements. If the barre is incorporated into the workout, it is mainly used to help gain balance while performing isometric strength training exercises combined with high reps of small range of motion movements.

Besides the barre, the class utilizes dumbbells, resistance bands and inflatable Pilates balls to shape, tone and strengthen the body. The class ends on the mat with a yoga-inspired core workout and cooldown.

The benefits of SoulBody Barre include improved posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced stress. The low-impact nature makes it an excellent workout for those recovering from an injury, or pregnant women looking for a way to mitigate the loss of balance associated with a growing belly.

For best results, SoulBody Barre should be a part of a well-rounded fitness plan to help supplement your routine rather than replace it.