You can substitute brown rice in place of the noodles.

Equipment Needed

Measuring cups and spoons, knife, cutting board, saute pan or a large wok, a pot, metal spoon and tongs.


Boil the brown rice noodles according to the package instructions. Rinse, drain and set aside.

Wash and thinly slice the green onions and set aside.

Wash and chop all the other vegetables.

Using a wok or large saute pan, let the pan heat for two minutes on medium-high heat. Add the sesame oil, and all of the chopped vegetables,  besides the green onions.

Saute for 5 minutes, then add the GoodLife Kitchen spciy Thai peanut sauce. Simmer for an additional 5 minutes. Add the cooked noodles, combine thoroughly and top with the chopped green onions.