The TRX straps hanging in the gym might look daunting, but when used correctly they can be a straightforward and effective full body workout. TRX, which stands for total body resistance, is a workout true to its name. Here are 4 reasons to give it a try:

Get great benefits, fast
Some forms of working out take longer to make progress than others. Luckily, TRX suspension training offers a top-notch workout with a short time requirement. TRX’s head of human performance explains that when you are starting out with TRX training, you ideally only need to be hitting the gym 3 times a week, and for less than an hour each time.

Strengthen at your level
Because you are using your body for resistance in a TRX workout, you are able to adjust how much you are pushing yourself. When you start out, it’s totally possible to take it easier and as you progress you can make the workouts harder for yourself with a bit of extra effort.

Improve flexibility and agility
Weights have their purpose of course, but TRX can give you the benefits of weights at the same time as pushing your range of motion. Take control of your own posture and position, and work on moving smoothly through your TRX workout. You can even perform specific exercises to target your balance with your TRX suspension straps.

Switch it up
The possibilities with TRX straps are almost limitless, so not only can you switch up your workout by adding TRX, you can also switch up your TRX routine regularly.

Have fun
Working out on TRX straps can be a really great time! Pushing yourself in a new and unique way allows the opportunity for enjoyment and achievement at the same time. Break up the repetitive circuit of workouts you’ve been doing forever and try something bold and effective.

Don’t fret if you aren’t sure how to use the TRX straps; it will definitely be worth the learning experience. Take a TRX class, check out TRX exercises online, or consult a Personal Trainer for expert advice and coaching. Adding this prop to your workout can open up a whole new world of possibilities for your workout.