Sometimes it can be as simple as having the right workout gear to get you in the mood to get your butt to the gym and break a sweat. Choosing the right apparel to exercise in can be overwhelming, so here are a few factors to consider to ensure that you are best suited-up for the gym!

What you shouldn't wear

  • An ill-fitting sports bra: When you’re working out you want to still be able to breathe and move comfortably, but your sports bra should also be snug to your body. Make sure the band of the bra fits straight across your rib-cage and does not ride up;
  • Jewelry: Nothing wrong with a little gym bling in principle – the only downfall being that jewelry is prone to getting caught on fabrics or equipment and could affect your grip on weights, not to mention you risk damaging your jewelry;

  • Clothing that is too loose or too tight: Having clothing that fits you just right can make a big difference at the gym. Ensure that your gear doesn’t cut off your circulation, but also check if it’s too loose and shows you off in ways that you may not want it to!

What you should wear

  • Activewear fabrics: There are so many types of activewear and performance fabrics that it can be overwhelming to choose the one that is best for you. Research and try out different fabrics to see which is the best for your body and your workouts. There are many choices and factors to consider from synthetics to natural fabrics, each offering their own benefits from breathability, moisture-wicking, light-weight, non-absorbing, etc. So, do your research and try a few options out to find what works best for you;

  • The right shoes: Having the right shoes for your workout is very important to preventing injury and providing comfort, so ensure that you pick the right shoe for your workout. If you are running, you will want a running shoe with built-in shock absorbers; if you’re more of a walker, then you will want a light-weight walking shoe; for aerobic exercise, a light-weight and shock-absorbent shoe may be the best fit. Choosing the right shoe not only improves performance, but also decreases the chance of injury and lessens the impact on your body;

  • What works for you: Whether that is pants with a pocket for your phone; layers to suit your body temperature and workout; a hairband to keep unruly locks out of your face or wearables to track and optimize your workout, it’s important to recognize your unique preferences and needs while you exercise. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach!