Workout and athletic clothes are probably some of the most comfortable items in the closet, and a lot of them are pretty cute as well! It’s a shame to let them only be seen inside the gym, so here’s some ways you can incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.

Sports bra                                     
Let’s just admit it, sometimes our sport tops are just so cute we want to show them off. With the season’s low side tank tops and overalls coming back in style, this is your chance to rock that stylin’ sports bra for all to see.

Opt for bras that are crop top style, have funky straps or are eye-catching colours, and keep the more functional ones for the gym.

These really are the best pants to wear outside of the gym, especially if you’ve picked up a pair that are designed to give your booty a boost. Leggings are super versatile depending on the colour and fabric they’re made of. For a night on the town, opt for designs that are black and shiny, or ones that have mesh panels.

Hooded sweatshirt
A hoodie is an easy way to stay warm and cozy on a winter day, but a thin cotton sweater can also be perfect for taking you from an afternoon gym session to an evening out. Depending on your sweater design and fit, this look is likely better suited for more casual events, but a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and some platform sandals can elevate this look for drinks on a patio or dinner out.

Running shoes
The key here is that you’re not wearing your ratty and beat up sneakers, but a pair of well-kept ones that are for everything but working out. Stick with neutral colours, since your outfit will already be contrasting between your footwear and the rest of your look. A great combo for spring is pairing your runners with a mid-length casual dress and jean jacket.

Fitted sweat pants
Yes, you read that correctly. We’re encouraging you to leave the house in your sweatpants. These aren’t the stained and baggy ones you (lovingly) wear while lounging on the couch. A fitted sweat pant can look effortlessly cool and chic when paired with a (faux) leather jacket, a graphic t-shirt and sneakers. Plus you get the added bonus of being super comfortable.