Travelling is such a fun way of trying new cuisines from all around the world. However, if you have allergies or certain diet requirements like being a vegetarian, it’s important to plan ahead and understand your meal options.

A great way of knowing where to put the pin down on the map is understanding regional differences that dictate what a typical meal would look like.

Pack your bags and bring your hunger to these five vegetarian-friendly destinations:

Rome, Italy

Italy reportedly has the highest proportion of vegetarians in Europe. Not to mention, there are so many different pasta dishes that there are endless opportunities to discover new vegetable dishes.

In fact, authentic Italian pastas are typically quite simple in ingredients. From salads to simple pastas or risottos, you won’t get bored eating the same vegetable side dish every day. Just be sure to ask your waiter for translations on any menu items you don’t understand.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a location that has strong Buddhist traditions. Though not all Buddhists are vegetarians, some of the sects do follow a vegetarian life in accordance with teachings of non-violence against all living organisms.

Additionally, meat substitutes like tofu are a very popular ingredient in many Japanese dishes.

Taipei, Taiwan

Similar to Japan, Taiwan also has a strong Buddhist population meaning that there are lots of vegetarian friendly dishes and even whole restaurants to visit.

Additionally, in recent years it’s been reported that Taipei’s chefs have been changing up traditional recipes to match international flavours while still using fresh, locally grown ingredients.

New York, New York, United States

Perhaps part trend, part growing need, New York is said to be the east-coast capital of vegan eating – something that makes eating vegetarian quite easy.

From food trucks to casual and even upscale restaurants, there are countless options for travelers looking to eat a diverse range of vegetarian dishes.

Chennai, India

Nearly half of India’s citizens have meat-free diets. Chennai specifically is considered the leader of vegetarian-friendly eating.

The region of South India in generally is known for using less dairy and meat products in their cuisine, making it simple to find vegetarian restaurants in many spots across the city.

Of course, when travelling it’s always great to do in-depth research. Understand how the time of year you’re going affects the produce available and what staple ingredients are used across everyday dishes.