This self-proclaimed skin care junkie is here to try the latest face washes, creams, oils and elixirs so you don’t have to! Whatever your budget she’s sure to have something to fit your financial and skincare needs. Her favourites are bound to become yours as well.

These masks are perfect for this time of year when the bitter cold air outside and dry heat inside has your skin wanting to hibernate.

  1. Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask
    Hailed as a cure-all for whatever skin dilemma you’re dealing with, this mask starts off as a powder, which you can mix with either water or apple cider vinegar. A little goes a long way so this tub will last you awhile. You can also choose whether you commit to covering your full face or using it as a spot treatment for trouble zones.
  2. Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack
    These cruelty-free masks are packed with all the good stuff your skin needs this time of year. Whether it’s craving nourishment or a deep dive of below-the-skin moisture, these tubs are packed with healthy and hearty nutrients to smoothen, brighten and hydrate your skin.
  3. BOSCIA Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask
    Charcoal acts like a magnet to all the junk hanging out inside your pores, but it can be irritating if you have sensitive skin. Luckily this version also has moisturizing (and brightening) vitamin C to help leave your skin feeling fresh and clean without leaving it red and angry. Plus, it has the added bonus of being a peel-off so you get the satisfaction of actively sucking all that gunk out of your pores.
  4. Kiehls Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Face Mask
    In just 5 minutes this gel mask sinks in to moisturize and heal rough and dry skin. Gentle enough to use multiple times a week, the more you use it the better your skin will look.
  5. Peach & Lily Original Glow Sheet Mask
    Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles with the added bonus of gentle exfoliation for a bright complexion. This sheet mask is easy to use and is loaded with brightening botanicals, peptides and AHA, and is great to use on every skin type and concern.