Giving your home a deep clean is so satisfying – not only does your house feel like it received a complete refresh, you feel productive and accomplished too. However, in order to keep on top of all the dirt, dust and grime you really should be cleaning certain items probably more than you think.

This is how often you should be dusting/washing/vacuuming/scrubbing (you get the point) these common household items.

Let’s start in the kitchen!

Frequency: weekly

Keep your microwave stain free! Wipe it down weekly, but for a really deep clean try this DIY method. In a microwave-safe bowl add 1 cup of water and a chopped lemon. Place the mixture in the microwave and turn on high for several minutes until the window becomes steamy. Let cool for 15 minutes before opening the door. Remove the bowl and wipe down the inside.

Frequency: monthly

Don’t wait for your annual spring clean to scrub down your fridge. Refrigerators can become a bacteria breeding ground – and you don’t want that! Start by taking everything out and give the interior of the fridge a good scrub using dish soap and hot water. Don’t forget to take out and wash the removable drawers and parts. Finish off by wiping down the exterior of the fridge (especially the door handle).

Frequency: daily

If you’re using your kitchen to cook you’re most likely wiping down the surfaces daily. But did you know counter tops are dirtiest near the sink? That’s because people tend to use sponges which are contaminated with food and bacteria – so make sure you wash the surfaces daily, especially around the sink and swap out those sponges every two to three weeks.

Moving on to the bathroom.

Frequency: weekly

When you think of your bathroom you may automatically think your toilet is the dirtiest thing in the room. Surprisingly, the bathtub/shower area is actually the dirtiest area. Because it’s so moist and hot in a confined area the bacteria thrives. The lesson? Clean your bathtub/shower area once a week to keep bacteria to a minimum.

Frequency: every three uses 

You may think washing your towels weekly is good enough – wrong! According to research, you should be washing your towels every three uses. The towels remove dead skin cells on your body and they accumulate after each use. So when you’re drying off with a used towel you may be transferring these dead cells right back onto your body – yuck.

Frequency: every three months

Most people wash their pillow cases on a weekly/every other week basis. However, we forget about the actual pillow. The pillow can be filled with dust mites, body oils and bacteria and who wants that near their face? They should be washed every three months

Frequency: weekly or every other week

Here’s a surprising one! Bed linens aren’t actually as dirty as you may think. Dust mites are more active when you’re moving, so when you’re lying in bed they’re not as activated. Opt to wash your sheets with hot water every week or so.

And arguably the room that gets the most action, the living room.

Frequency: every year

Vacuuming doesn’t count as carpet cleaning. We’re talking a deep clean, perhaps even professionally done. Research suggests that carpet can contain up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch – WHAT?! So every year, this is an investment you want to make, especially if you have allergies or pets.

Television remotes, computers and fixtures you touch
Frequency: weekly

Think about all the gadgets and fixtures you touch around your living room on a daily basis. Have you heard the saying your hands are one the dirtiest parts of your body? That’s because we are constantly touching things and transferring dirt and bacteria. So, when you touch the remote control, light fixtures, computer keyboards, etc. you’re transferring the dirt from your hands directly to these places. Set aside time every week to go over your keyboard or gadgets with a disinfectant – get into those nooks and crannies that you touch all the time!