Workout time: 30-45 minutes (depends on rest time)

There is something about a good chest pump that builds confidence. You feel stronger and fuller, like you really accomplished something.

But, it’s not easy to get that pump every time you’re in the gym and working on your chest. Your muscles adapt to exercises and you become stronger and fitter, making it difficult to “shock” your muscles and really challenge them.

Try the workout below to hit your pecs from all angles, causing a burn-out and a big pump that will have you leaving the gym with your chest naturally puffed out!

Barbell bench press
Start with a wider grip than normal and perform a lighter warm-up set with higher reps (20) to encourage blood flow to the pectoral muscles.

1 warm-up set of 20; then add weight for the next three sets of 10-12 repetitions. In the last set, you should be struggling to get the last repetition out (be safe and have a spotter).

Rest 90 seconds between sets.


Triceps dips
To really hit the chest, use the dip bars as opposed to a bench or box for your dips.

While you can add some dumbbells between your legs or a weight chain or vest, simply using your bodyweight and concentrating on form will work just fine. Do three sets of as many quality repetitions as possible.

Rest 90 seconds between sets.


Incline dumbbell bench press/incline dumbbell fly super set

This Superset will really fatigue the muscles.

Perform 1 set of 4-7 repetitions of Incline Dumbbell bench press to failure; then, after minimal rest, complete a set of 10-12 Incline Bench Dumbbell flys to failure.

Rest for two minutes and then repeat.


Push-up punisher
Your pecs are probably feeling pretty weak by this point, but a chest workout isn’t complete without pushups!

Do 100 repetitions of the standard push-up. Whether this takes you four, five or nine sets, be certain to crank out this century to ensure that you just finished this high intensity, chest tear-out.