Fitness classes keep you accountable, inspire you to work harder and are scheduled conveniently throughout the day. Led by trained and certified fitness professionals, classes deliver a full workout program – including a warm-up, workout, cool-down and stretching.

Better yet, fitness classes increase your pain threshold and double your release of feel-good endorphins, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University.

Wondering which class would be best for you? Try one of these GoodLife Member-favourites based on your fitness goals.

BodyPump is a full-body barbell workout that focuses on exhausting muscles by performing high repetitions with light-to-moderate weight. The class structure is based on the rep effect and is an effective method for developing lean, athletic muscle.

Each class works all the major muscles, typically progressing through a squat track, a chest track, a backtrack and a core track. A single class can include anywhere from 800-1000 reps.

BodyPump is the ideal class choice if you are looking to build muscular strength and endurance, while also increasing aerobic fitness.

BodyAttack is a high-energy class that combines athletic movements like running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises like push-ups and squats. Because of the diversity in moves, and low-impact options, the class is perfect for beginners while providing enough challenge for the hard-core competitor.

BodyAttack is best if you want an athletic-based workout and to improve your overall fitness and cardio stamina. It works because it focuses on developing functional strength – aka the power needed for everyday movements. The exercises used in BodyAttack will force you to use stabilizing muscles – the smaller muscles surrounding your larger ones – which will give you the strength to avoid injury.

RPM is the most popular cycling class offered at GoodLife. It offers a low-impact alternative to other forms of cardio, helping you burn calories and develop your aerobic fitness.

The class simulates climbs and sprints on a stationary bike, repeatedly bringing you up to your peak cardio level before easing back down. You control your resistance and speed, allowing you to customize the difficulty of the class on-the-fly. The high-energy music and encouragement from peers and instructors will have you pushing yourself to your limit.

RPM is the perfect class for anyone looking to build aerobic fitness using low-impact exercise. It is a great way to build up your sense of personal achievement as you dominate each sprint/climb.

BodyFlow is a yoga-based class that combines the staples of yoga with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Concentration and breathing are a significant focus throughout the class, leaving you feeling serene and relaxed upon completion.

This class is suitable for beginners and fitness class veterans. For the first-time participant, it provides a great introduction to simple yoga moves; for a yoga veteran, you’ll enjoy the added variety that Tai Chi and Pilates bring.

BodyFlow is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve flexibility and core strength while reducing stress levels and creating a lasting sense of calm.

Zumba is a dance-based class that provides a workout for the entire body. The high-energy aerobic routines are good for increasing core strength and flexibility.

Zumba classes are first and foremost known for their element of fun, and they promote weight loss, but an added benefit is the improved coordination developed from following the dance choreography.

This class is best for someone looking for a fun and upbeat full-body workout. Experience in dance is not required – all you need is an open mind and energy.