Did you know that targeting your back (and more specifically your lats) can help you firm up and tone your torso too? Sculpting a strong back will also give you a more defined look and better posture to help protect you from pain and injury.

Schedule at least 2 or 3 of the moves below into your weekly routine to help you get that strong back that you’ve always wanted. Remember to keep your chest up and open during these pulling movements and you will avoid rounding your shoulders forward.

Barbell Deadlift

Deadlifts aren’t just for hamstrings and glutes! Barbell Deadlifts also train the lats while you keep the bar close to your body for the entire movement. Additionally, maintaining your strong posture and core throughout this exercise is key to building strength and avoiding injury. Start light to get the form down first.

Barbell/Dumbbell Row

You can use the same barbell that you used for your deadlifts but lighten the load first. If you are new to the move, use a dumbbell instead. You can either use a bench or a rack to keep your balance with your other arm.

Lat Pulldowns

A slight lean is good for this exercise, but maintain your position by tightening your core and keeping your upper body upright until you are done your repetitions. Squeeze your shoulder blades.

Assisted Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups

Start with assisted pull-ups or chin-ups until you get enough strength to try them alone. Keep your core tight and pull your chest up to the bar or grips. Hold there for a moment and then slowly lower to your starting position.

Inverted Bodyweight Row

You can use TRX straps, a barbell on a rack or a Smith Machine to do this exercise. This move is basically rowing your chest to the bar. Keep your torso tight, which will also work your glutes and your core. Start with the bar on the higher side until you find a challenging height.

By incorporating these moves into your weekly routine, you should find that you’re stronger and have a tighter torso!