Your safety is our priority. GoodLife has implemented a number of measures within the Clubs to keep Members and Associates as safe as possible, including constant cleaning and sanitizing, directional arrows and signage and layout changes to ensure physical distancing can be achieved.

We need to work together to keep everyone healthy and safe. By taking care of those around us, we are also taking care of our community.

Below are some tips we’ve compiled to maximize your safety and comfort during your workout.

Wear your mask

Keep your mask on in all required areas in the Club. We strongly encourage mask wearing as much as possible, and ask that you refer to the website for masking guidelines at your location, as they can differ between regions.*

Keep your distance

Take responsibility for your own physical distancing in the Club, and whether or not you are wearing a mask keep your distance from others. Be aware that 3-metres is required in some situations.

Please refer to the signage in your Club for the distancing guidelines in your region, and if in doubt, ask one of our GoodLife Associates. 

Be aware of your surroundings

Be aware of the directional signage around the Club. Be conscious of maintaining space between you and others when navigating tight spaces like hallways and the change room. Be thoughtful in the free weight area when getting and returning weights to ensure everyone has enough space and you are sanitizing equipment after use.

Use your discretion

Use your best judgement when deciding if a piece of equipment or workout allows for physical distancing.

Superset safely

Be considerate of others' time and space when using multiple pieces of equipment or zones, and work efficiently and safely.

Follow Group Fitness procedures

Wear your mask until you reach your station, and any time you leave it. Try to limit conversations before class, use the equipment set up at your station, and don't worry about putting it away.

Come prepared for Personal Training

Bring everything you need for your session, including water. Keep your mask on until your session begins, and if you take it off during the workout, keep a 2-metre distance from your trainer.

Wipe your equipment

Wipe down equipment before and after use, even when someone from your household is using the equipment before or after you. 

Wash your hands... then wash them again

Remember to wash your hands using soap and water or use the sanitizer when you come in and before you leave – if it feels like you are washing or sanitizing a lot, you’re doing it right.


*Please refer to the GoodLife website for masking guidelines at your location, as they can differ between regions.