With all the pressures of the modern world most people don’t think about working out at work. But carving out a few minutes on the job to fit in some exercise can boost your productivity and your overall happiness.

Fitting fitness into a busy schedule doesn’t need to be a big challenge or add to your workload - even if you sit at a desk for eight hours a day - honest!

Here are five easy ways that you can stay moving at the workplace:

Make yourself a standing desk

If you’re able to, ask your boss for a standing desk, but even if you can’t, a few reams of paper or small boxes can let you prop up your monitor enough to stand in front of your desk. Once you’re standing, you can stretch or walk on the spot.

Exercise at your desk

There are plenty of exercises you can easily perform at your desk. Try knee lifts: curl your biceps and pull your arms down as you raise one knee to your waist. Desk push-ups are a great option as well: lean onto your desk at an incline and lower your body towards the desk.

Walk at lunch

Lunch hour is a great time to get moving. Rather than taking your sandwich to the lunchroom consider going for a walk down the street or around the block with your favourite co-worker.

Take the stairs

When you’re heading into the office or to a different floor for a meeting take the stairs rather than the elevator. This will give you the chance to burn a few extra calories and get your blood pumping before your next meeting.

Hold stand-up meetings

Consider having a stand-up meeting. Usually lasting no more than 15 minutes, a stand-up involves ditching your devices to focus on the topic at hand as you stand with the attendees in a tight circle. Not only can these meetings be more effective and productive, they’ll keep your blood flowing as you’re on your feet.