Set a 'presolution' for long term success

Start working toward your New Year's resolutions now to help establish healthy habits that stick
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One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve overall fitness levels. Making a significant lifestyle change isn’t something that happens overnight—it takes time, commitment and most importantly, a plan. Instead of waiting until December 31 to change your habits, why not start early, so you’re on the road to success when the new year begins.

Look at it as a ‘presolution’ – a jump-start that will help establish long-term habits.

Team Training Specialist, Abby Johnson defined the benefits of starting your health and fitness goals now as opposed to waiting until January 1.

Less pressure: You’ll feel less pressure to achieve, whether it's from others or yourself. There is an added benefit to feeling like you have a head-start when January arrives because you’ve already been working toward your goal. It’s like packing lunch the night before going to work…it’s less hectic in the morning and you’re able to focus on the workday ahead.

Beating the binge: A well-established routine set in motion months before the holidays makes you less likely to throw healthy habits away during the holiday season. Instead of recovering from a big binge in January, it will be much easier for you to continue with exercise and a nutritious diet, even if you take a brief break for a few days of treats.

Aim to maintain: During the holidays, aim to maintain your weight (rather than try to lose pounds), substitute every other alcoholic beverage for water, eat a big breakfast in the morning to help you feel energized all day and add a few more HIIT workouts to your routine to boost your metabolism.

Room for more: With your fitness under control as part of your active lifestyle, you can make New Year's resolutions that are less daunting. Take up a photography class, learn a new language, travel somewhere you've never been before or finally organize your storage space. Once exercise is established as a regular part of your life, you can tackle other projects and hobbies, knowing you can pull off anything with the right amount of focus.

Don’t look to the future to achieve the result that you want today. January doesn’t have to be your starting point, instead you can spend New Year’s Day looking at all of the great things you’ve already achieved!

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