For many of us, playing team sports was the start of a lifelong love of physical activity.  Maybe you played on a varsity team in high school? Or you just enjoyed throwing the frisbee or playing beach volleyball in the summer?

Whatever your interest and experience, there’s a recreational sports league near you that can get you back on the court…or field, or beach.

Rec league sports are a perfect opportunity to expand your fitness routine and connect with others who love sports as much as you do.  All it takes is to sign up with your local league and pick from a list of favourite sports – like soccer, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, flag football, basketball and volleyball. Not only that, but you can choose HOW you want to play. Beach volleyball or dodgeball on a trampoline? No problem. 

Here’s why you should run (not walk) to your local rec league:

Meet your fitness goals
Starting a new sport is a fun way to mix up your workout routine. Rec league teams are perfect for athletes who like novelty and distraction when their exercise. An intense game of basketball, or a fast-paced round of dodgeball, a few times a week will boost your heart rate while your mind is focused on the game. Each sport challenges different muscles and requires a new set of skills, helping round out your usual exercise program.

Blow off some steam
Team sports take your mind off the daily pressures of work and responsibilities…it’s just you, the ball and the other players. Playing a competitive game requires strategic thinking, quick decisions and hand-eye coordination. Combine that with physical activity and it’s a perfect way to take your mind off your problems and blow off some steam. 

Re-ignite your passion for team sports
Rec leagues offer a chance to (re)ignite your passion for sports…and when you’re passionate you’re more likely to give it your all. It’s energizing to hit the field with your team to play a competitive game of ultimate or dribble the ball up the court and do a lay-up. 

Meet your sport squad
If you’ve just moved to a new city and are looking to meet new people, or you’d like to expand your friend circle, joining a team is a good way to build connections. It’s also a great option for family and friends looking to do something new together.

Learn some new tricks
Most rec leagues offer coaching for participants who’ve never played. Learning new athletic skills is good for your mental and physical development, and you just might discover your newest passion, and open the doors to months of active fun with friends.

What if there’s no rec league near me?
If your city or town doesn’t have a recreational league but you still want to connect with a group to get fit, consider signing up for a morning boot camp with your BFF. Or try out a group fitness class like BODYPUMP, RPM or BODYATTACK. You’ll learn new skills, challenge yourself and work up a sweat with other fitness-focused people. Working out together helps create a sense of connection and community that promotes positive energy, moral support and better performance.

Some recreational sports leagues in key Canadian cities: