Build strength and flexibility with these easy to use bands that come in a variety of resistance levels and sizes to fit your needs. Bring them along to the gym to add to your routine, or take them on the road for workouts you can do anywhere.

Complete each move for the required number of reps, then repeat the circuit three times.

Lateral walk
Place the band just above your ankles and stand with your legs inside shoulder width. There should be tension when your legs are in the starting position. Squat down slightly, then walk laterally, focusing on the inner and outer thigh muscles to drive the movement. Take 10 steps in one direction, then repeat in the opposite direction.

Jumping jacks
Place the band around your ankles and stand in a semi squat, legs about hip width apart. Jump your feet in and out like a jumping jack, keeping your hands at your chest. Complete 20 reps.

Glute kickbacks
Keep the band around your ankles, hands on your hips. Keep your weight on one foot, brace your core and use your glutes, hamstring and quad to drive your opposite leg straight back with knee straight. Clench your glute at the top and return to almost the starting position, keeping tension on the band. Repeat 15 times on one side, then switch sides.

Lie on your side and place the band just above your knees. Use your lower arm to support your head and neck, bend your knees and lift your feet to hip level (or keep them on the floor). Keep your feet together and lift your top knee towards the ceiling, then slowly lower back to the other knee. Repeat 15 times then switch sides.

Resistance push-up
In a push-up position, loop the band around your shoulders so the band is sitting just under your armpits and across your back, and the other side is between your hands and the floor. Do 5-10 push-ups with the band in this position to create resistance.

Split squat and curl
This exercise will work more than one muscle group at a time. Loop one end of the band under your right foot and hold the other end with both hands. Lunge back with your left foot and as you rise back up, pull up the band into a bicep curl. Do 10 on each side.