Rachael Moase had been to many gyms before. She didn’t last long because she was shy and felt intimidated walking in just to do a workout.

But Rachael joined GoodLife when she moved to Toronto, hoping for something different. She quickly felt that she was welcomed and that no one judged her. Everyone approached with care at GoodLife.

Initially, Rachael believed that she could only lose weight by doing cardio work, so that’s all that she did for the first while. A GoodLife Associate noticed this and approached her about giving a class a try.

Rachael decided to take the Associate’s advice and try BODYPUMP. She immediately loved it. 

The class lit Rachael up. She realized that it was the thing that would get her coming back. It was challenging and she wasn’t intimidated at all. There were people from every level. She felt stronger than she ever had. While she was sore like she had never experienced before, she knew it was good.

So, she kept going, realizing that she could get her frustrations out through sweating during each class. She then understood why BODYPUMP was so popular. The energy in the class is motivating, it gets your heart rate up and the instructors push you to reach your full potential each and every class. She learned so much, so quickly.

BODYPUMP showed her how strong she was. She learned that she could lift a lot. She wanted to add plates to her bar so it became a consistent goal for her to add weight to her lifting.

What she also loved about GoodLife is that even when BODYPUMP classes were not being run and she still wanted to get in a class, she would go into the empty studio and use the virtual fitness system to do a class on her own.

It wasn’t long before Rachael starting bringing friends with her to work out and show them how easy and unintimidating it was to do a class and how much of a difference it made over simply cardio. It was a great way to get strong and fit. She would teach any friends who were reticent to try a class in the studio when it was empty. After they got comfortable, they would come to the class with her.

Rachael also made a lot of new friends at the gym. She does minimal cardio now because of the benefits that she sees from classes, circuit training and weight lifting.

She now attends multiple GoodLife locations because of her line of work, so she uses Clubs across the GTA where she does squats and other heavy lifts while also taking advantage of the turf zones. One of her favourite workouts is the sled push across the turf.

What would Rachael say to someone if they are hesitant about trying a BODYPUMP class?

“Bite the bullet. There’s really nothing to be afraid of. The classes are not hard to follow. The moves are simple and basic but it is not boring. If you are uncomfortable, go to the back of the class. Take it in. Don’t put any pressure on yourself. Start light and work your way up. Remember that there is nothing on the other side of fear. The worst that can happen is that you won’t like it.”