January 1 is often the date people decide to start a new diet or a new workout routine in the hope of achieving their resolution to lose weight. A brand new year promises a fresh start, but there are so many more possible things you can accomplish this year, and weight doesn’t always have to be the biggest priority for a healthy lifestyle. 

So, this year, why not focus on some other aspects of your life and your health. Here are some other resolutions that might lead to a more fulfilled, happier version of you.

1. Check on your financial health

Resolving to save more money, pay off debts or have a better handle on your spending will pay off (pun intended) in the long run. Take the time to sit down and really review your finances, make a budget or savings plan. Entering the new year with a healthier financial outlook is good for your peace of mind. 

2. Join a club 

Making new friends as an adult isn’t always easy, especially when we’ve been relatively isolated for months on end during the pandemic. Connecting with a club or sports team in your local area will help you meet other likeminded individuals, open up your social circle and keep you active (all things that help keep our brains healthy). 

3. Seek therapy 

Even if you think you’re handling things okay on your own, seeking out support for your mental health will help unpack issues, behaviours and concerns you might not even realize you’re carrying around. Don’t let those things weigh you down for one more year. 

4. Nail down a skincare routine

Take a good hard look at your skin (not just on your face) and figure out what your current needs are, then seek out products and a routine that will help you achieve a glowing exterior (hint: start with a hydrated interior!). 

5. Be alone/do nothing

Not everyone is okay with not having social plans or a jam-packed to-do list. Spending time alone can be great for your mental health by making space for introspective thinking, self-discovery and relaxation.  

6. Learn a new skill 

Picking up new hobbies as an adult isn’t always easy, but teaching yourself something new is a great workout for your brain, can lead to new friendships and add joy to your life. Consider learning a new language, picking up a new cooking technique or taking part in a new sport or activity.  

7. Pick a theme or mantra instead of a resolution 

Instead of just one resolution, why not choose a theme you’d like to apply to your life choices, or a mantra that reflects a new way of thinking. So instead of resolving to be more assertive, try approaching 2022 as your brave year. Then approach every decision and situation bravelywhatever that means for you. 

8. Take a social media break 

Give your pocket screen a break and spend less time comparing yourself to others. Not being able to see what your friends and family are doing all the time will also prompt you to reach out more and connect in person instead of through an app (they can fill you in on all the drama you’re missing online). 

9. Spend more time outdoors

Get fresh air and vitamin D and explore the great outdoors. Start a garden in your yard or find (maybe even start) a community garden, go for walks in your neighbourhood, find a new favourite hiking trail, try camping. Whatever you choose, it’ll clear your head and boost your mental and physical health.  

10. Cut back

Say no more ofteneliminate toxic friendships, declutter your space and get rid of anything in your life that isn’t helping you get where you want to go. Taking steps to be more deliberate will help you live the life you want. Start small and build up to achieve new patterns and activities that will add up to your dream life.