Mike Foucault has been a GoodLife member since August 2017, but was never all that motivated by exercise. Over the years he would start a fitness program, but give up if he didn’t feel successful. It wasn’t until Mike signed up for personal training with Maggie Horst in January 2018, that he says he started seeing success at the gym.

Since 2018, Mike has managed to lose more than 100 pounds with guidance from Maggie and his friends at the gym.

"When the pandemic lockdowns happened, I felt completely lost," Mike explains. "I had been going to the gym at least six days a week, and knowing I wouldn’t be able to go for an unknown time was a real setback."

Mike works as an IT consultant so he didn't really need to go anywhere to work.

"Without the gym, I lost my reason to go out. I’m a big introvert, so I slid back into my natural habitat. I didn’t even go outside for two weeks!"

At one point, Maggie called him and ordered him to go outside for a walk. From then on, Maggie encouraged Mike and sent fitness and nutrition plans to keep him on track.

"She set me up with routines she knew would work for me. She checked in regularly to make sure I was on track. She knows me well enough to understand I thrive on that accountability."

"I’ve tried to quit on her so many times. She always says ‘come on in and we’ll talk.’ That’s all it takes," he laughs. 

Mike says Maggie's support keeps him going and has helped him get through all sorts of tough times. He managed to keep losing weight during the lockdown. Maggie met him at the track and checked in with via FaceTime to give feedback on his lifts.

As soon as Clubs reopened the first time in summer 2020, Maggie began virtual training with Mike until he was ready to come back.

Once he returned, Mike got to the gym six days a week.

"I was following a program that included strength training with weights, as well as cardio and core. I take Sundays off, but I still walk 20,000 steps on those days and do a complete stretching routine."

Mike adds Maggie keeps him accountable and focused on his routine.

"When I'm tempted to give up, she doesn't let me. I’m lucky I have such amazing support and coach. She has become a great friend and she helped make fitness part of my life."