As Brie Simeoni looks back, she wishes she’d had the confidence to come to the gym sooner, but she’s glad she got there in the end.  

In January 2017, Brie made a decision to take charge of her eating and build healthier habits. She has spent four years building better nutrition habits and now feels comfortable going to the gym. In April 2017, she joined GoodLife Fitness and started doing cardio on her own. She worked her way up to group fitness classes like BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK and NEWBODY. That’s when she started enjoying fitness the most. 

Before the pandemic, Brie worked long hours in the mining industry, but she still managed to hit the gym for classes and her own workout sessions on a regular basis. With a steady routine and healthy eating habits, Brie was able to lose 80 lbs. Based on her success, Brie has become a social media influencer who helps her followers learn about the benefits of nutrition and exercise.

When the pandemic hit and gyms were open and closed throughout the year, Brie said it was the longest stretch she’d ever gone without the gym. To add to these challenges, she also lost her job because of downsizing.

“It’s been really frustrating. I would just get back into the groove and feel the patterns reforming, when they would shut gyms down again. People are trying to live their healthiest lives, physically, mentally and emotionally, but they’re being shut down. Plus, I was sad about all the GoodLife associates losing their jobs.” 

She said GoodLife’s Instagram fitness classes kept her motivated and positive.  

“I look forward to the weekly schedule and I plug the classes into my calendar every day. I love the connection and community of group fitness classes. It’s nice to feel like you’re not alone, like everyone is sweating together.” 

Brie was among the first people in the doors when GoodLife clubs reopened. She works harder when she’s with other people and has all the right equipment. She's happy to be back with her favourite instructors and the familiar faces in her fitness classes. 

I used to see the same people every week at my fitness classes. It felt comforting and welcoming. I have built some really good relationships with some amazing people,” Brie said. “I know I’ll be able to lift heavier now I'm back at the gym. I’ve had this extra time to work on my form and practice."

The pandemic has been full of challenges and triumphs for our Members and Associates, especially in areas where gyms have faced frequent and lengthy closures.  

We want to hear from you. Tell us what you missed most about gyms being closed during the pandemic and how it impacted your health. How did you adapt your fitness routine and what are you enjoying most now that clubs are open? 

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