For 85-year-old Anne MacDonald, a retired teacher from Halifax, Bike #149 is more than a piece of cardio equipment. It has become a big part of her life.

Anne has hit the gym with her husband Vince (86) three times a week since 1998. She always rides the recumbent bike for 20-30 minutes and always chooses the same one. Over the years, Anne has made friends with other GoodLife Fitness members and spends her time catching up and sharing stories while they pedal.

My time at the gym is part of my routine now, and it's very social. I started going to the gym after I retired and I have stuck to a routine ever since. I know a lot of people there now, and I have friends who I see every time I'm there. We catch up while we pedal. It's a big part of my week.

So, when GoodLife announced plans to close its Clayton Park Plaza location in Halifax and transition members to the brand-new, more spacious Joseph Howe club, Anne worried she would lose bike #149, which played a significant role in her fitness routine.

GoodLife motivator Natasha Darrah worked at the Clayton Park Plaza location and knows Anne and Vince well. She knew Anne would miss her favourite bike.

“Anne and Vince come to the club like clockwork. They’re here three mornings a week. When we started the move to the new club, Anne mentioned she was worried about what would happen to Bike #149. It’s a major part of her routine and it influencers how much she enjoys her workouts.”

Little did Anne know, the GoodLife Fitness team decided to gift the bike to her so she wouldn't have to say goodbye.

Shortly after Clayton Park Plaza closed and the new club opened, the GoodLife team (including Natasha) dropped by Anne and Vince's house to deliver bike #149 so Anne could use it at home.

Anne couldn't wait to jump on and pedal and says having the bike at her home will give her options to stay active on the days she can't get to the gym, especially in the winter months. She says being active has helped her stay mobile, and gives her energy for gardening, walks in her neighbourhood and to generally enjoy life more.

“I can still mow the lawn. I can still walk through the neighbourhood. I think I have more stamina than most people my age, and I attribute that to our fitness routine. Having a bike – THIS bike – at home gives me more options to keep moving.”

Happy pedaling Anne. We know you and bike #149 will be happy (and healthy) together.