Meditation - another way to enhance your workouts

Meditation can improve overall health
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Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and just three minutes a day can completely change someone who is feeling frustration, anger, sad or overwhelmed into a positive, empathetic and joyful person. Ultimately, it is a simple and effective way to manage your mood and outlook on life.

Mindfulness and mediation can also be beneficial and an important part of your workout routine; but how does meditation improve your fitness? It can give you a chance to power down before or after a workout in order to achieve balance and mental strength. Increasing mindfulness and giving your brain a rest from every day stresses will help you recharge and complete your next workout, your next meeting and your next day at work with clarity and focus.

Whether you plan on working out or not, if you need a mental break meditation can assist in repairing your body and mind. Mediation can also help improve sleep, which in turn boosts your energy levels and regulates your appetite and weight. It is easy, uncomplicated, timely and can have incredible benefits for everyday living.

GoodLife Fitness is launching a meditation room in some of their Clubs called mindDEN, where a variety of meditation practices will be provided with sessions ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes in length and vary in content from stress reduction to relaxation to increased focus and performance.

Keeping our minds fit and balanced is so important in the stressful environment that we are exposed to daily, and health and wellness are intertwined with our bodies and our minds. Meditation can assist in reaching our goals for both, as we all deserve the opportunity to live a happier and healthier life.” said Cheryl Van Haeren, club amenities manager for GoodLife Fitness.

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