This is Jeff’s story in his own words:

When I reached my mid-forties, I made a decision not to become an overweight businessman with high blood pressure.

As a financial services professional, I helped a lot of my clients plan for retirement. I started to notice a trend–the healthy-looking people seemed happier and more energetic, while the less healthy people seemed tired and depressed.

I realized I had a choice, I could become another tired, overweight businessman with high blood pressure, or I could start exercising and eating well to get more out of life. The choice seemed obvious.

I began working out regularly with my personal trainer, Patrick Worden, at GoodLife Fitness Jackson Square in Hamilton. As I spent more time exercising, I started making healthier food choices and drinking more water.

This new lifestyle changed my home life too. Being in better shape means I spend more time being active with my kids. My family and I regularly discuss healthy nutrition around the table, and my teenaged son has been forgoing electronics exercise after school.

My daughter (age 10) has been seriously involved in martial arts for three years. She is working toward her black belt in karate and has to run 2.5 km in fourteen minutes as part of the test. I decided to commit to training with her toward that goal. Even when we’re working hard, we’re both smiling knowing that we’re going to achieve something together.

I’m so happy I chose to pursue healthier habits and build more fitness into my life. So far, I’ve lost 45 pounds and have gone from a 40-inch to a 34-inch waist. On top of the change in my size, my doctor is pleased with my blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and I’m enjoying the extra energy.

I’m stronger than I have ever been. I surprise myself at what I can do, whether it’s running, lifting weights or doing pull-ups. I’m also noticing my attention is sharper throughout the day, and I’m accomplishing more at work and my time in the office is more productive.