Here are 5 suggestions for what to do based on how you’re feeling:

Angry: Boxing
Take advantage of all that adrenaline coursing through your body and channel it into a fast and furious workout. Make sure you’re using all that energy wisely and focus on trying to find the balance between holding on to anger to fuel you, but letting go of what made you upset.

Boxing is a great way to really work out all that aggression, plus there’s the added benefit of feeling like a total badass. If a situation left you feeling powerless, kicking and punching your way through a workout will have you leaving the gym with your confidence restored.  

Sad: Yoga
Exercise releases endorphins and physical activity can do a world of good for your mental state, but when you’re feeling bummed it’s a workout to even leave the house.

Try making a plan to go for just 30 minutes, and get yourself into the yoga studio. A good session of stretching and strength will be relaxing and centering. Plus, the deep breathing will increase oxygen flow to your organs and brain, leading to optimal functioning. You’ll walk out feeling balanced and confident.

Stressed/anxious: Cardio, Weights, HIIT
When your brain is in overdrive the best thing is a distraction. And what’s more distracting than a workout that demands mental focus and endurance? The nervous energy produced by stress and anxiety is great fuel for cardio, weight lifting (or the combination of both)and HIIT, which requires you to concentrate on what you’re doing and not on that thing that’s worrying you.

Happy: Zumba, Bootcamp
If you’re feeling full of joy then skip right into a Zumba class for a party, or join a bootcamp for a serious sweat session. The camaraderie of the group activities will only help increase your mood, plus the positive vibes you’re rocking might just encourage you to put an extra boost in your moves, burning more calories and giving you an even better workout.

Tired/unmotivated: Cycling
When you’re lacking in the energy stores, or just don’t have the mental strength to hammer out a workout plan, then a class is a great option.

A cycling class like RPM can actually help boost your energy levels. A 2008 study* found that a group with unexplained fatigue decreased their tiredness by about 65% after participating in cycling classes. Classes are also a great way to relight your fire if you’re feeling unmotivated. Just follow along and soak up the energy from like-minded people.