Whether you’re in the wedding party or just a guest, June is traditionally the start of wedding season. No matter your role, these happy occasions are a great time to celebrate love, family, and community.

But weddings can disrupt your schedule, and if you’re trying to follow a health and fitness routine it can be easy to get off track. The good news is, there are ways to have your wedding cake and eat it too!

Follow these five tips for managing food, exercise, stress, sleep, and a healthy mindset if you’re preparing for a wedding.

1. Guilt-free partying

Firstly, and most importantly, remember that a wedding is a special occasion, and indulging in food and drink is part of the fun.

Letting loose in celebration is nearly impossible while worrying about calories or macros. So, don’t force yourself to follow any strict diet rules during the reception. One or two days off from your regular healthy meals won’t make or break your progress, but food anxiety might just ruin your night.

And do not over-restrict calories or overwork yourself before or after the wedding in order to fit into a dress or make up for what you ate and drank at the event. This unhealthy mindset will not only damage your relationship with food, but also makes for an unsustainable approach to health and fitness.

2. Don't overdo it

Now, while enjoying the event guilt-free is important, there’s still no need to overindulge. Savour the reception dinner, make toasts with champagne, and enjoy your serving of dessert. But try not to eat past the point of fullness or overdrink. Alcohol intake is something to watch, as drinking can actually affect your health and fitness for days after.

3. Plan around the event

Even when you’re the bride or groom, a wedding doesn’t have to disrupt your schedule too much. Your routine can remain mostly intact if you plan around the big events and work to stay on track in between.

Leading up to the big day, make a point of following your usual sleep schedule, not only for your mental and physical health, but also so you can arrive well-rested. On the days that surround the wedding, remain committed to your nutrition goals. If you find yourself too busy, using meal prepping or a designated meal plan can help you stay on track.

Finally, maintain your workout regimen between the events to keep up consistency, but don’t forget to plan your workouts so you’re not arriving to the party with sore muscles.

4. Don't over commit

Whether you’re in the wedding party or just offering a helping hand, it’s important to set boundaries and leave enough time so you can take care of yourself.

Weddings can take days. There are showers, bachelor (ette) parties, rehearsal dinners and post wedding brunches…and that’s on top of the actual wedding celebration. Make sure you pace yourself and leave when you’re tired. Try to build in time to get some sleep and to enjoy getting ready. Take a relaxing bath, go for a run, or just hang out in a quiet place catching up with friends or reading. Building in some time for self-care will help restore your energy and leave you more refreshed and focused for the festivities.

5. Dance like no one's watching

On the day of the wedding, as you join the celebration and enjoy the food, there is one more way you can incorporate health into this event… get out on the dance floor.

With good music and good company, dancing the night away will be the easiest workout of your life. Stay out there as long as you can and you’ll find yourself not only sweating, but smiling. Dancing, especially with friends, brings on a huge rush of endorphins, supporting the health of your heart and your mind.

This wedding season, attempt to learn the lesson that the healthiest balance is one that prioritizes both fitness and fun.