For many of us, the cooler temperatures and changing foliage of September evoke feelings of new beginnings, fresh outlooks, and of course—back to school. But even if you’re not returning to a classroom this fall, or if your classroom looks a little different this year, September is a great time to recommit to exercising your brain, as well as your body.

We’ve put together a list of health and fitness podcasts that you can listen to while getting your cardio on, cooling down after a BODYPUMP class, or resting up on the couch at home—all featuring insights and discussions with Black, Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC).

Grab your headphones and tune in to learn about topics related to health, nutrition and exercise, all through diverse lenses. Have a favourite podcast you’d recommend? Drop it in the comments below!

The Food Heaven Podcast

In the Food Heaven Podcasts, hosts, registered dietitians, and best friends Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones share their expertise on health and encourage listeners to take care of themselves from the inside out.

Fitness Unfiltered

Host Joslyn Thompson Rule talks all things fitness—exercise, sports, food habits, and more—with a variety of experts.

Body Kindness

Body Kindness is exactly what it sounds like – a podcast centered on the belief that health is about being kind to your body. Body Kindness is committed to holding space on the podcast for BIPOC voices, and has an entire section on its website dedicated to episodes featuring BIPOC. Episode highlights include discussions on racial disparities in healthcare, inclusivity in yoga, and radical self-love.

She Explores

Women share stories inspired by time spent in the great outdoors, covering themes including diversity and inclusion and feminism in relation to the outdoors. You can listen to discussions about the lack of representation of Indigenous women in the running community, a camping festival specifically for BIPOC, calls for better representation in hiking and camping communities, and so much more.

The Dumbbells

We’re finishing this list with a light, comedic recommendation. The Dumbbells is a comedy podcast for fitness enthusiasts. Hosts Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger—comedians with professional fitness backgrounds—talk health and wellness while making you laugh at the same time.