Working up a sweat doesn’t mean you have to leave the gym with a cap on your head. Grab your styling tools and try one of these trendy looks for the next time you get ready to work it.

Mohawk braid ponytail

Ideal for long hair. 
What you need: comb or brush, flat iron or wand, 1-2 hair elastics.

Step 1 
Starting at the nape of the neck, section hair into large sections to either flat iron or wand curl your whole head. 

In a rush? Skip to step 2 and curl just the ponytail once it’s in place.

Step 2 
Run your fingers through your hair, breaking up the tight curls into softer waves.

Apply serum to your hands and work through hair to smooth out any fly-aways.

Step 3
Part hair on either side of your head. We recommend going straight back from the arch of the eyebrows to the top of the crown, creating a rectangular section right on top of your head.

Braid from forehead to where you will place your ponytail at the crown.

Pro tip: Use an elastic to keep the braid in place while you gather the rest of the hair for the ponytail.


Boxing braids 

What you need: 2 elastics, a comb/brush and a clip.  

Step 1
Part hair in the middle, all the way from the front to back. 

Step 2 
Use the clip to secure the hair on the side you aren’t starting on.

Step 3
Braid hair all the way down in whatever style you like. We used an inverted braid on our model. Then repeat on the opposite side.


Classic top knot

What you need: elastic, bobby pins (optional).

Step 1
Section your hair on the top of your head to the desired height (if you’re using extensions, clip them in now). 

Step 2
Pull the hair into a high ponytail, then wrap an elastic once around the base. On the second loop, pull the hair only halfway through. If you need more security (cardio day?), add some bobby pins to hold everything in place.