While running and walking are great options, cycling is an awesome for a non—weight bearing, high-intensity workout. Cycling offers the perfect way to increase your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your muscles, all through a low-impact exercise that is more than kind to your joints.  

At GoodLife, there are two fantastic, heart-pumping spin classes that are sure to burn through calories and build your aerobic fitness level. Led by enthusiastic instructors that push you to your limits, both RPM and RIDE will keep you invested right to the finish line.

RPM is a pre-choreographed class that is created by and distributed around the world by group fitness giant Les Mills. With a wicked soundtrack that inspires your motivation, your instructor will guide through a mix of flat riding, powerful sprints, and muscle-screaming climbs. The workout pushes you to your peak, maximizing your heart rate in short bursts, before easing you back down into a comfortable ride. But the intensity is entirely up to you—speed and cycle resistance is under your control, allowing you to find your rhythm with the music.

GoodLife Associate Emily Dobrich has been instructing RPM for more than a decade. Beyond the energy, enthusiasm, and happiness in an RPM class, she says that her favourite part of the class is the inclusivity.

“Commitment and camaraderie are two things you’ll feel right from the very first class,” she says. “There are opportunities to challenge yourself, take your fitness to the next level, release stress, connect with others, feel inspired, and so much more.”

GoodLife’s own freestyle cycling class, RIDE is sourced and developed by your instructor. Much like RPM, RIDE uses dynamic music to keep you moving through the series of flat roads, hills, sprints, and drills. Again, the intensity, speed, and resistance is entirely under your control, letting you push the limits of your aerobic fitness at your own pace.

Virtual Fitness
GoodLife’s Virtual Fitness studios also offer a quartet of great cycling classes for riders of all levels.

All Terrain
The All Terrain virtual fitness class takes you and your bike off the city streets, and into a series of peaks and valleys to challenge your endurance.

Road Drills
A multi-tiered cycling class that will continuously push you to the next level, Road Drills simulates a wild ride on the roads. Following along with the on-screen instructor will hep you navigate the high-energy workout.

Perfect for riders of any ability, Cycling will lead you through a fast-paced workout in a great introduction to spin classes.

Athletic Ride
Designed to bring out your inner athlete, Athletic Ride will test your endurance and maximize your heart rate in a fast-paced workout where you are your strongest competition.