Why wait until the new year to set new goals? There is no time like the present to start thinking about the future. 

vision board can be a powerful goal-setting tool. Not only can it be motivating and fun to create, but it offers a daily reminder of the things that you hope to get out life. Having specific goals and seeing them every day helps us to imagine what a bright future could look like. 

Vision boards can be anything you want them to be. Create one board for all your goals, or make separate ones for the different areas of your life.  Some examples are: 

  • Fitness and wellness 
  • Career and finances 
  • Personal growth 
  • Home 
  • Relationships 
  • Travel 

Visualization can help you manifest your dreams. And a vision board is an effective and creative way to develop it. 

How to build your vision board 

  • The ‘board’ can be a corkboard, poster board, a piece of plywood or Bristol board.  
  • Pictures bring it to life – use photos, postcards, cutouts from magazines or your own drawings. 
  • Add inspirational quotes and messages that are meaningful to you. 
  • Embellish it with colourful and imaginative mementos and other items that mean something to you – get creative with collections from nature (pressed leaves, feathers, seashells), stickers, ribbons or fabric. 

4 steps to creating your vision board 

  • Reflect. Think about the things you hope to achieve, and write them down.  
  • Collect. Once your goals are clear, look for items that represent them. 
  • Put it all together. Arrange what you’ve gathered on a board in a way that’s pleasing and reflects your personality. Once you’re happy with how it looks, glue or tape it on. 
  • Display. Place or hang your board somewhere you will see it often as a daily reminder of the goals you hope to realize. Why not bring it everywhere you go by taking a picture of it and making it the home screen image on your smartphone? 

There are templates available online if a digital vision board is the thing for you.  Check out Canva and PicMonkey to get you started. 

You’re more likely to take steps toward achieving your goals if you have a constant visual reminder of what they look like – so start cutting and pasting!