It’s no surprise the pandemic has made it more difficult than ever for teens to stay fit. School closures have meant less time for kids in gym class or just spending time outdoors. Many school and recreational league sports have been cancelled outright, impacting the over 60% of Canadian youth who usually participate in organized sport.

Every summer, GoodLife opens its gyms to teens for free as part of the Teen Fitness program. This year, it’s gone virtual and the program will offer youth aged 12 to 17 free access to all GoodLife Fitness live and on-demand digital content, similar to a Member.

Teen Fitness teaches kids the fundamentals, and offers a good outlet for those who want to stay in shape while COVID-19 and the summer break restricts their sporting activities. Virtual fitness also provides great exercise options for teens who aren’t interested in team sports. recommends that teens should get an hour of moderate to strong physical activity each day. Unfortunately, the CDC reports, only 26% of high school-aged kids are meeting that requirement – and this was before the pandemic restrictions.

GoodLife founder and CEO David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans hopes Teen Fitness will allow more youth to get active and experience the benefits of fitness for their physical and mental health.

"We want to give back to Canadian families and to help build a healthy foundation for our young people so that they will continue to reap the benefits of physical activity throughout their lives. Most importantly, we want to show youth that you don't need to be athletic or play competitive sports to be active and healthy – it's about moving your body and feeling confident and happy with it."

When registered for GoodLife Teen Fitness, teens have immediate access to high-quality virtual fitness resources, including online Member content, on demand workouts and classes, and access to dozens of workouts and training programs through the Goodlife Fitness Mobile App.

Access to exclusive programming is available until September 5th, 2021.

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