Things like decluttering and reorganizing your living space might not top your list of things to do in your spare time, but if you tackle it the right way, it can have a positive impact on your quality of life. 

With a mindset shift and some dedicated time, you’ll soon be on a path to a cleaner, clearer home. Try these helpful tips to declutter and reorganize your living space. 

Each space should be functional

A common decluttering tactic is to start with a bin, and pick up excess “stuff” that you’ve accumulated over time. This is only a temporary solution, because without a long-term plan, things will always build up again. 

Try this instead…sit down with a pen and paper to create a floor plan of your home, giving every room a descriptive label. Decide the exact use for each room, then list all items needed for it to best perform its function. Room by room, you can remove, replace or add things to make each space as functional and enjoyable as possible. Unwanted items go into a bin. This will naturally kickstart the process of eliminating clutter and reorganizing items throughout your home. 

Less is more

When it comes to creating a home that brings you joy, always remember less is more. Maximize your living space by keeping it light. Even too much décor can be distracting. An open, airy space invites clarity, freedom, and focus, which can positively impact your overall mindset, encouraging healthier living, higher job performance and better relationship management.

Know what you have

You may be surprised at how many things can be hidden in unused corners of your home. It’s not uncommon to repurchase things we forget we bought in the first place! When you’re organized, things should never go missing. Knowing what you have makes it easier to skip unnecessary purchases, which helps you achieve and maintain a clutter-free environment. 

Give everything a home

Being organized is an important factor in decluttering. If there are objects you use that never seem to have a place (ie. remote controls, books, magazines, throw pillows), get some functional but decorative bins and create a space for them to live. There are countless storage hacks online that can help you organize and decorate at the same time.

Put some cash back in your pocket

You may find yourself with things you no longer use that could be worth selling. There are plenty of online platforms available to sell gently-used items. Why not cash in on items you’ve put cash out for? 

Donate unwanted items

Once you’ve removed unwanted items, and sold off whatever else you could, youll likely be left with boxes of things you no longer useThis is a great opportunity to donate to charities and those in need. The act of giving can bring you positive feelings of self-worth and provide a sense of purpose. 

Take a stroll down memory lane

As you go through your life’s collections, you’re likely to come across items that stir up old memories. Some you may even want to share with friends or family. Take some time to enjoy them, or perhaps find ways to use them as décor if they truly bring you joy. 

Changing how you think about organizing your home can help you transform your environment. Follow these tips to create a highly functional space that requires less cleaning, discourages unnecessary purchases and invites peace of mind and clarity, which can have countless positive impacts on all aspects of your life.