Before my transformation, I realized I was not authentically happy. I faced daily challenges with what and how to eat and I didn’t feel like I deserved any better. My BMI was unhealthy and put me in the obese category. I had little strength and I lacked confidence in myself and I was simply scared to try. Now I know that I matter. 

I just had to start and while that’s a hard step to take when you don’t feel you matter, GoodLife will help you. The staff at GoodLife are friendly and welcoming and they helped me get started by instructing me with what exercises to do. It’s not just the physical changes that matter -- I’m more confident and happier than ever before.

Once you start seeing a physical change, you begin educating yourself on learning to eat better among other things. Through this process, I found my voice and the gym became a very special place for me.

By going to the gym, I have met a lot of new people who have become my friends and support system. I recently turned 40 and my friends from the gym even took me out to celebrate my birthday!

I take spin classes, yoga, use the elliptical machine and a variety of other things. I can now lift myself up – I can do 12 chin-ups – which is a real sense of accomplishment.  Taking these classes and being part of an amazing community makes me feel that I belong. 

Aside from feeling confident and happy, seeing tangible results helps me stay motivated. I was a size 14-16 and now I’m a size 4-8 having lost 45 lbs in two years. I am never going back to that person. I have a totally different life and outlook thanks to GoodLife.

I wanted to submit my story because I wanted to inspire other women and help them realize they deserve a chance to be better. I’m a high school teacher and I love my job and my students. I want to set a good example for ‘my girls’ and show them how to lead a healthy and happy life. Through sheer hard work and the support I received from the staff and friends at GoodLife, I am a better version of the person that I used to be.