I used to be self-conscious with no care for the food I was eating or the clothing I was wearing. I was not in a happy place and I really didn’t care. I wasn’t looking forward to the future and I was just having a good time. It was a shallow experience of life. 

I first went to GoodLife because they are open 24/7, so I had no excuses to miss a workout. The staff was motivating and I got to know them personally. Seeing the same faces every day gave me the discipline to hold myself accountable. They would ask about my husband and were so supportive of my goals.

I had a workout regimen where I would go every day after work. I warm-up with light cardio, lifting and each day I challenge myself a little more than the day before. That challenge is the best part! I started seeing results within the first 6-8 weeks. I even noticed that I jiggled less when I brushed my teeth!

Then co-workers and clients would say that I looked fantastic – the feedback was awesome. That gave me the confidence to bring my skills up to the next level. I have since been promoted at work. Now I feel healthier than ever after losing 60 pounds, the equivalent of two toddlers!

GoodLife has helped me become the person that I always wanted to be. They helped me see that I can achieve anything. I am so much better and so hopeful about the future. I have a spring in my step now and more energy than ever. I am happier, more generous and have a giving spirit. 

One of my goals is to have a six-pack one day, take a million pictures and then eat a pizza as a reward! I want to become independently wealthy, be a theatre producer and go to the gym all the time. 

Don’t be afraid of the gym. People are there to help you and not make fun of you. Don’t let what you think get in the way. The world is yours. Go get it.